Estimation and sale of your property in Vaucluse south of France

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Estimation and sale of your property in Vaucluse south of France

Fixing the right price, the key to success for real estate in Luberon

When we speak of "selling price", the first notion to be retained is that the estimate of a property is, as the name suggests, in a "price range", from the highest to the lower. No real estate has a fixed price.

Thanks to the added value of the Sotheby's International Realty® brand, the breadth of our network and the confidence of our customers in our centuries-old real estate tradition, your property becomes synonymous with success and benefits from the novelty effect. Placed under the best possible conditions, the adviser of Provence Luberon Sotheby's International Realty is able to put your property on the market at the high price of this "fork".

A badly valued property will stagnate in the market longer, lose its value and you will be forced to lower its price to sell it, often at a lower price desired. Without the help of an expert, you run the risk of setting a price that is totally inadequate with the market. Stopping a sale price therefore remains a specialist business, capital to achieve a profitable operation.

Leave to our expert a margin of maneuver in order to negotiate a possible adjustment on the purchase price and which also allows him to speed up the sale as best as possible. This discount can be decisive in the balance of the negotiation, in order to be located in the highest part of the initial estimate and thus obtain the optimized price of Provence Luberon Sotheby's International Realty.

1. Overestimated value
Value too high for sale. The risks of depreciating the object are then very important because the property will not interest prospective purchasers because of its price too high. This represents a danger to the seller. There will be no visit, no counter-offer.

2. Market value
Optimal value, to which the real estate will sell quickly. Thanks to the added value represented by the prestigious Sotheby's International Realty® network, the dynamism of our local office and the principle of "novelty effect", your expert adviser will be able to place your property in the Luberon on the Market at a price that is at the top of the "range".

3. Depreciated value
Discounted value of poorly marketed property. The buyer buys the good deal and not the real estate as such.