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The Regional Department of Cultural Affairs of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

A regional and departmental actor of cultural policy

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The Regional Department of Cultural Affairs of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
the DRAC is responsible for coordinating and implementing, under the authority of the regional prefect and departmental prefects, the cultural policy defined by the government.

Its mission is to provide advice and expertise to cultural partners and local authorities and propose to the Prefect of Region the allocation of financial support from the State to professionals and artists according to the projects presented .

It also ensures the application of the laws and regulations of the cultural field and ensures diversified functions of intervention, animation, information, advice and expertise, evaluation in all areas of competence of the ministry : cultural development of the territory and training, visual arts, archives, books and reading, museums, ethnology, books and reading, music and dance, languages ​​of France, scientific and technical culture, cinema and audiovisual, theater and street arts and architecture.

It is on the regional direction of cultural affairs that the coherence of a global policy in the region lies.

It intervenes on:
- the protection and enhancement of the heritage by preserving and enhancing the various heritages and making them accessible,
- support for artistic creation by awarding grants to artists,
- spatial planning and cultural rebalancing by consolidating the networking of community facilities and encouraging the emergence of local places (museums, theaters, libraries),
- artistic and cultural education by promoting training in cultural and artistic matters. They provide operating aids to schools of music and visual arts and conduct partnership operations with the Ministry of National Education to promote arts education in schools and universities. (setting up artistic workshops and artist residencies and training activities for teachers and cultural actors),
- the cultural economy. The regional offices also have the task of participating in the structuring of the economic sector of culture and encouraging cultural patronage

To carry out these actions, the regional director is surrounded by a team of about 100 people with artistic and cultural, scientific and technical skills in a region which benefits from very large resources in terms of heritage and cultural facilities . It is surrounded by:

The chief architects of the Historic Monuments. They are formed by the Center of High Studies of Chaillot. Recruited by a State competition, they have the status of an agent of the State with a liberal exercise and are paid in the form of vacations and fees according to a grid established according to the complexity of the project and the amount of work . They shall assist the Minister in charge of Culture in the fulfillment of its task of protecting, preserving and enhancing the architectural heritage. In this capacity, they fulfill a mission of advice, advice and assistance to the services of the Ministry of Culture for classified or registered buildings. Regardless of their function of advising the Minister in charge of Culture, the status of the chief architects of the Historical Monuments provides for a compulsory use of the project management for the buildings belonging to the State, whose services of the Ministry in charge of Culture, are in charge of project management, that is, the overall organization of the operation. Work on MH-rated buildings is now open to competition from Liberal heritage architects, ie graduates of the Chaillot school or holders of a DSA Heritage equivalent.

The architects of the buildings of France The architects of the buildings of France ensure the application of the laws on the architecture, the town planning, the sites, the historical monuments and their surroundings. The persons concerned shall assist the chief architects of historic monuments in the supervision of the condition of buildings classified or added to the supplementary inventory situated in their constituencies. With the agreement of the owners or assignors, they determine and direct the ordinary maintenance and repair work to be carried out on buildings classified as historic monuments when the contracting authority is under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture or that the owners or assignors receive financial assistance from the State under the Act of 31 December 1913 on historic monuments. They are responsible for ordinary maintenance and repairs in the national palaces and buildings assigned to the Ministry of Culture. They are conservators of historical monuments belonging in their constituencies to the State and assigned to the Ministry of Culture subject to the exceptions fixed by the Minister of Culture.

The Regional Curators of Historic Monuments As part of the DRAC, they give their ethical and financial agreement on the project of the chief architect of the Historic Monuments, in constant liaison with the latter and other actors in the protection of the heritage.

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