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These labels of Provence that stimulate consumption

Marseille's soap label "Made in France" raises consumer awareness

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These labels of Provence that stimulate consumption
This is a real consequence for the Soap Professionals Union of Marseille, which brings together four companies from the region. The two guides that the Ministry of Economy has just published through the Directorate-General for Enterprises cite as an example the label that professionals have developed to defend their know-how and, perhaps, obtain a "Protected Geographical Indication".

The logo, in the form of a buffer "Marseille soap", appears in good place alongside labels such as "Enterprise Living Heritage" or "Product in Brittany".

We know, the "made in France" sells. To the point that more and more manufacturers do not hesitate to stamp the packaging of their products of a small French flag. In the online guide, which is intended for both producers and consumers, the ministry goes further, highlighting the interest of labels, in general, as a buying medium.

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Important for 92% of French people, according to an Ifop poll cited by the Directorate General of Enterprises, the French consider it important that a company informs its consumers that its products were manufactured in France by setting up a " a label stricter than the "made in France".

The guide also gives the modus operandi for constructing a label by recalling the rules applicable to the origin marking which the manufacturers must be able to justify. The association Pro France, which bears the "Origin France garantie" label created in 2010, now counts 1,200 ranges of products labeled.

The offensive of French flowers
The cut flowers were taken in the whirl of globalization: 85% of the flowers sold in France come from very far.

French production is reduced to the hide of sorrow: roses, peonies, anemones, carnations ... To resist, the French horticulturists launched the logo "Fleurs de France". An initiative encouraged by the Minister of Agriculture and presented at the Agricultural Fair.

Attention: a bouquet with at least 50% of flowers produced in the Hexagon will be able to benefit from the logo.

The soap factory Marius-Fabre maintains the tradition
These labels that stimulate consumption - 2
Julie Bousquet-Fabre embodies the 4th generation of soap making.
How to be sure to buy real Marseille soap in Provence? So that the consumer no longer has to ask this question, four soap factories in the region are united within the Union of Soap Professionals of Marseille in order to obtain a "Protected Geographical Indication", made possible for the non-food products by Hamon law, whose professionals are eagerly awaiting publication of the decrees.
At Salon, the Marius-Fabre soap factory, which is celebrating its 115th anniversary this year, is a perfect illustration of the specifications drawn up by the association, in which the specificities of Marseille soap, made from vegetable oils exclusively, without fragrance, without dye and without addition, over five manufacturing steps, are inscribed. In the centuries-old walls of the factory, which have been kept for four generations, visitors and consumers can understand how Marseille's soap is born in large cauldrons where a saponification reaction with soda and 10 days of cooking takes place. ..

30 employees

"Foreigners are looking for products made in France, traditional know-how, ecological products and Japanese are also sensitive to our family history," explains Julie Bousquet-Fabre, deputy general manager and great granddaughter of founder Marius Fabre, who also chairs the Union of Soap Professionals in Marseille. The company, with 30 employees, exports to about 40 countries, which represents 30% of its turnover, but must fight in France with a competition that does not say its name: the profusion of soaps presented as traditional, whereas they have nothing in common with those it produces. "We need recognition from the state," said the official, proud that the label is cited in the ministry's guide.

500 tons of Marseille soap is produced each year by the Marius-Fabre soap factory, which also houses a shop and a museum, a true witness to a time when there were more than a hundred factories around Marseille .

Marie-Cécile Berenger - Provence

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