Gordes bleu: the signal sculpture renovated

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Gordes bleu: the signal sculpture renovated

Work of the artist Victor Vasarely, father of optical art

It is like a signal at the entrance of the village, at the edge of road RD15. From its three meters, "Gordes Bleu" recalls the essential role played by the Hungarian artist in the international fame of the Luberon's flagship village.

It was set up in 1986 as part of the twinning between Gordes and Annet-sur-Marne (city of Seine-et-Marne where Victor Vasarely lived from 1960 until his death and which also has a similar sculpture but in red). Fragile by the humidity, the monumental azure blue work in enamelled sheet showed some signs of weakness.

In June 2013, the municipality appealed to Alessandro Ingoglia, a cavaillonnais art restorer. The situation was clear: the internal wooden structure had suffered irreparable damage. Gordes Bleu threatened to collapse.

After dismantling the two octagons, a honeycomb structure (made of lightweight and rot-proof material) was installed. All that was left to do was to "glue" the pieces of anodized painted metal and carry the 300 kg sculpture to its original base in a crane truck.

Today, Gordes Bleu, like a lighthouse, announces the color again and for a long time.

Chantal Malaure for Provence